Octopuses have 3 hearts, 3 times the capacity for love.




Any of the encounters that I have had with octopus have been nothing short of profound. Once trust is gained and their interest piqued, the interaction can last for hours.

eye know the truth

They communicate via gesture, touch and a quiet grating sound that can be felt in the back of your neck. They relish gifts of shells to decorate the entrance to their homes.

On many occasions I have caught them unaware and exposed whilst hunting, affecting an immediate camouflage change and retreat. This will often lead to their lair or closest form of shelter.

‘a garden near a cave’

If you are ever so lucky to be granted admittance to an octopus’s residence, you will be treated with much intrigue, touching and respect.

The care to which the octopus tends their ‘garden‘ is heartwarming (x 3) to say the very least. The visible pride taken in placing or rejecting gifts of shells and other seafloor treasures has entertained this human visitor for many hours.

stay tuned for more of my octopus portfolio…