My Story

Stu Barry


I am a professional musician & subaquatic photographer. 


Music requires me to tour and travel often, allowing opportunities to explore and photograph the oceans where ever I am fortunate to find myself. 

My experience with the ocean and marine life was gained as a scuba instructor, but I have always preferred the freedom of free diving.  I practice breath hold diving for photography, as a form of meditation. The silent nature of this approach allows me to gain the trust of marine wildlife.

I’ve been diving the waters of Byron Bay for 30 years.  In this time I have seen incredible amounts of beauty, but also vast amounts of change.

I swapped spear for camera over 20 years ago and have been a camera-fishing freediver since.

I shoot to retain small parts of the stunning beauty that greets you immediately upon entering these waters. To document over time the nature that survives humanity despite our best efforts.

To produce for the earthbound, the otherworldly magic that is commonplace for the subaquatic.


I find subaquatic light to be the most fascinating thing. 

It’s quality and unpredictability, the emotive power of this light. 

The way that it plays across the endlessly fascinating forms of marine wildlife and seascapes. 

How it’s diffused by the depths of the void and dances silently unseen.


I am eternally grateful for the many astounding experiences with an incredibly diverse range of life that the ocean has granted me.



The changes to our ocean environment by human cause, have sadly become increasingly evident. We are now witnessing vastly reduced populations, and increasing amounts of unnecessary human trash.

The simplest solution to the reduction of our impact on this ocean planet, is to completely cease  our plastic wastage, now. 




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