My Octopus Feature

a garden in the shade

July (my month of birth) is usually my favourite pick of the images for each year’s calendar.  This year is no exception.   An octopus tending to her garden.

It is the process involved in attaining an image as such, that really only the people that know these incredible creatures can appreciate.

Firstly you must find this..

This is easier when you know precisely where to look, but still there is much luck involved.

Then you must encourage this

Gaining the trust of an octopus is an experience that I would sincerely wish upon everyone.  It is a slow but highly rewarding game of patience and lung capacity.  

You can interact with and observe an intriguing intelligence well beyond our current understanding  of our own.  To be able to witness an octopus tending to her surrounding environment, in full view and neutral skin mode, is boss level in the friendship game.

To pose for an image like this.

and all of that time and effort can end like this

if any one of it’s natural predators happens by.